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European Exam: European Postgraduate Assessment in Occupational Medicine, 24 de outubro de 2022

Divulgamos, a pedido da Secção de Medicina do Trabalho da UEMS, o próximo EXAME EUROPEU DE MEDICINA DO TRABALHO, a realizar em Bruxelas no próximo dia 24.10.2022:

European Exam: European Postgraduate Assessment in Occupational Medicine

One of the current developments that characterize the most the field of occupational safety and health (OSH) in Europe, is certainly the internationalization. A clear example for this is the European body of OSH legislation, substantially based on Community Directives. Internationalization is also of increasing importance for companies, which increasingly find themselves operating in an international context. In this situation, it can be an important professional asset for specialists in occupational medicine to be able to demonstrate at a European level having the adequate set of skills. To meet this need, the Section of Occupational Medicine of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) organizes an annual “European Postgraduate Assessment in Occupational Medicine “.

The Section of Occupational Medicine (https://uems-occupationalmedicine.org) is one of the 43 Specialist Sections currently belonging to UEMS, a non-governmental organization founded in 1958, which represents the national associations of medical specialists from 40 EU and associated nations (https://www.uems.eu/).

The commitment of the UEMS is to promote the highest level of competence and quality of medical specialists for the benefit of all European citizens, and to promote the free movement of specialists throughout Europe. In this process, it does not replace the role of national authorities in defining the content of post-graduate training in their own country and qualifying specialists, nevertheless UEMS aims to promote uniform and high-quality training in all European countries. The European Training Requirements are documents compiled by the sections within the UEMS and agreed by the Council of UEMS. Linked to these set of “standards”, there are European postgraduate exams that grant European Diplomas: currently there are over 30 specialty sections that organize such specialist exams. Participation in the exam is voluntary and constitutes a curriculum complementary qualification, in no way replacing the qualification obtained by the competent national authorities. However, passing the European post-graduate medical assessment demonstrates that the skills possessed by the specialist are adequate compared to the European level, and can facilitate mobility throughout the European Union. In order to promote a high standard of examination and a harmonization of all procedures, UEMS has created a special body, the Council of European Specialist Medical Assessment. CESMA aims to provide recommendations and indications on the organization of European examinations for medical specialists, and checks that the exams are carried out correctly and recognizes their compliance with the established quality requirements.

The European Postgraduate Assessment in Occupational Medicine, organized by the UEMS – Occupational Medicine Section, is held annually in Brussels, at the headquarters of the Domus Medica Europea.

It is an in-person, written test that includes 130 multiple choice questions, with varying degrees of difficulty, on various themes of occupational medicine, covering the topics in the European Training Requirements for Occupational Medicine. The examinee must provide proof of being either “specialist in Occupational Medicine with full competency” or resident/trainee in the fourth year of training.

The test is organized and conducted according to the indications of CESMA, which has evaluated and approved the entire procedure.

The previous exams were attended by medical specialists from various European countries: the candidates who passed the exam obtained the “European Diploma in Occupational Medicine” from UEMS – Occupational Medicine and can use the title: “with Certificate of the UEMS European Assessment in Occupational Medicine”.

The new exam has already been set: as previously, it will be held in Brussels, at the UEMS House – Domus Medica Europaea in Rue de l’Industrie 24.

The scheduled date is the 24th of October, 2022.

Attending the exam can provide a great opportunity for occupational medicine specialists not only from European Member states, but from all over the world.


All information relating to the European exam for the achievement of the “European Diploma in Occupational Medicine”, including the European Training Requirements, the requirements for participation, the recommended literature, the procedures, the deadline for submitting applications, and forms for the application for admission to the exam, can be found on the web page of the Occupational Medicine Section: