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Denmark is looking for skilled and dedicated psychiatrists

Denmark is looking for skilled and dedicated psychiatrists

  • Are you a medical specialist in psychiatry from a university in the EU, the Nordic countries or the EEA?
  • Are you ambitious about your profession, and do you want to develop your skills even further?
  • Do you find it easy to learn new languages and do you and your family have the courage to establish yourselves in a new country?

Then you may be one of our new psychiatrists in Central Denmark Region. We are looking for specialist psychiatrists to the departments in Horsens, Randers and Viborg.

Psychiatry in Central Denmark Region – one hospital
Psychiatry in Central Denmark Region consists of 8 psychiatric departments which are located all over the region and together they constitute one hospital. Each department has its own management team on the premises, and the hospital management works in unison with the administration units in the city of Viborg.

We treat all patient groups within Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and in total we have 190,000 bed days and 247,000 outpatient visits a year. There is an approximate total of 3200 members of staff employed across many different professions.

In order to ensure the best possible treatment, psychiatry works in partnership with many different specialties in regards to the individual patient, even after the patient has been discharged. For example, the patient’s own GP, municipality, somatic hospitals, social services, and patient associations.

Read more about working in Central Denmark Region Psychiatry here and WATCH the film featuring one of our young doctors in Psychiatry.

What do we offer?

  • An ambitious professional environment and great colleagues who look forward to welcoming you
  • Thorough introduction to the department, hospital, language, and culture
  • Instruction in the Danish healthcare system and legislation
  • Ongoing supervision and guidance in professional, cultural and social issues.
  • Intensive language classes in the beginning, followed by gradually increasing contact with the department
  • Guidance in connection with moving abroad, accommodation, child care and networking
  • Guidance regarding job search and networking for your spouse

In Psychiatry, we work together across many professional disciplines, complimenting and strengthening each other’s competencies in daily life. You will be working in partnership with nurses, psychologists and health and social care assistants, and we expect you to collaborate across professions with an open mind and see the benefits of the differences. We have a good working environment with respect for each other’s competencies, and a flat organisational structure.

There are excellent career and development opportunities in Central Denmark Region, and we emphasise professional and personal development. Competence development is an ongoing aspect of employment within Psychiatry.

You will be paid according to the collective agreement for doctors in Denmark, after negotiation with the relevant union.

From the start of employment the monthly salary will be approximately EUR 5,960 (DKK 44,411). After six months your salary will increase to EUR 6,736 (DKK 50,184). In addition to your monthly salary, the hospital will make a pension contribution of 16.85% to the Doctors’ pension fund.

When you have passed the Danish language tests you will be asked to apply for a job as a specialist psychiatrist. The monthly salary will be approximately EUR 7,980 (59,455). At this point, your pension contribution paid by the hospital to the Doctors’ pension fund will increase to 18.56%.

Taxes in Denmark are high in order to fund the strong welfare system. You can read more about the tax system here.

What are we looking for?
We expect you to have an interest in the development of psychiatry and to take active responsibility for examination, diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric patients. Furthermore, we expect you to be involved in the department and contribute positively to the continued development of a good working environment. All of this for the benefit of the patients and their treatment.

Your qualifications
We are looking for specialist psychiatrists who have:

  • a broad psychiatric education, with comprehensive treatment competencies in psychological, biological and social-psychiatric treatment methods
  • experience and/or interest in the field of quality development
  • experience and/or interest in the field of research
  • experiecnce with teaching and guidance

We are known for our work-life balance in Denmark
Denmark is known for prioritising a work-life balance, and for us to be able to perform at work, it is important that the whole family thrives on a daily basis. Child care is available in all municipalities, and there are networks and consultants on hand in most cities to welcome newcomers.

As a general rule, normal working hours in Denmark are 37 hours per week with 6 weeks of holiday a year. You can read about living and working in Denmark here.

Please note that the first years in Denmark will be linguistically challenging. Therefore, you have to be prepared to use the necessary hours in relation to language teaching in order to reach the required level.

Central Denmark Region is located in the western part of Denmark as one of the country’s five regions, home to approx. 1.3 million inhabitants. Here you will find beautiful nature, forests, beaches and many cultural attractions. We are close to the university cities of Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense, with Billund international airport an easy distance by car. You can read more about Foreign languages – Region Midtjylland (rm.dk) here.

Language requirements and authorization
All employees at the hospital are expected to be able to communicate with patients, relatives and colleagues in Danish. As a doctor with a foreign education, you are required to pass Danish tests at multiple levels during the first 1-1½ year of your employment.

During your first months in Denmark, you are to concentrate on Danish classes alongside the new doctors from the other departments. You will then gradually be introduced to the work within the department, while your language classes continue.

There will be opportunities for your spouse to take Danish classes at the local language centre.

It is a prerequisite that you have specialist authorization from a university in the EU, the Nordic countries or the EEA. You can read more about Danish medical authorization here, in accordance with the procedure for EU member states.

Recruitment process
You will be hired through a professionally designed process, with focus on aligning expectations and competencies. An external partner screens and assesses the applicants, so we can be sure to move forward with the right candidates.

After the first screening, we conduct Skype-interviews, after which the selected candidates and their spouses will be invited to visit the department in Denmark. Conversations and interviews will be held in English. Similarly, the application and CV must be written in English.

The process is implemented during 2023. We will be reading and processing the applications on an ongoing basis.

Further information?
If you have any questions regarding recruitment process and the positions, you are welcome to contact talent acquisition specialist Charlotte Stensig chaste@rm.dk.

We look forward to receiving your motivated application, along with your CV and relevant documents.